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Fred Auzenne explains the critical measures for the scalability of the business

The synonym of business is sales, marketing, teams, resources, profit, loss, and competition. No company is successful without encountering fierce competition. It is essential to understand that your business will undergo significant transformations every few years, and scalability is one integral part of it.  What is the scaling of business? When is the right time? What is the difference between scaling and growth? What are the strategies for scalability? There are many such queries to answer. Here is the brief on the basic steps to consider before scaling your business by an industry expert:  Fred Auzenne (counterintelligence expert) speaks about ‘how to scale up your business by building a solid business culture. The basis for this is the use of accurate data and measurable solutions. His passion for culture index supports diverse industries in enhancing overall engagement and increasing revenue. Proper evaluation and plan: Take time to evaluate if your business requires scaling up. Start by carrying an in-depth analysis of the current business scenario. It shall help draft the strategies for upscale sales and increase the number of orders and deliverables. Projection of how your company will handle the situation without facing major hiccups is all about upscaling. You… Read More »Fred Auzenne explains the critical measures for the scalability of the business

Fred Auzenne explains that workforce diversity equates to workforce diligence

Every company combines a diverse workforce – by different, it means various personalities and uniqueness. The effectiveness of HR policies largely depends on individual behaviors, and it is typical for every business. The department manager’s responsibility is to figure out means and ways to bring the optimum performance from each one. Fred Auzenne (Arizona-based business leader)explains that every company uses workforce analytics as the foundation to assess the seven key personality types. Let us now unfold the different traits of all the seven to understand their importance in the business: The Solo or wallflower:The introvert types who prefer working alone and not in a team or groups are the solo artists or wallflowers. You can spot them on quiet corners of the office with very minimum distractions around. These personalities are hardworking and may or may not be great leaders. You cannot find them in social gatherings or very rarely near the coffee machine. As an HR exercise, you can involve them in small team-building activities to bring the hidden ideas and opinions out of them. The social extroverts or campaigners: The opposite of wallflower, these are incredibly outgoing and love being around other employees. You can spot them in all… Read More »Fred Auzenne explains that workforce diversity equates to workforce diligence