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A Comprehensive Guide to the Fred Auzenne Grant

Fred Auzenne
Fred Auzenne

Fred Auzenne is Arizona’s former armed service counterintelligence specialist and business leader. Today, he works as the executive advisor in Cultural Index, a reputed strategic advisory firm that accesses the business leaders on how to rule their businesses. This firm has been utilizing human analytics as the pointer of P&L performance for evaluating seven essential types of workplace personality. The main focus here is to develop a robust company culture using quantifiable solutions and real-time data.

Recently, entrepreneur Fred Auzenne is completely excited to come up with an annual grant created for an undergraduate candidate who is presently a part of an accredited college or university located in the United States.

About the Fred Auzenne Grant

Meritorious students at times need extra financial aid to make progress in their academic careers. And that’s the objective of the Fred Auzenne Grant. As a business leader and a person who values human potential, Fred Auzenne has offered several talented young women and men with training and suggestions for several years. Hence, through this grant, Fred Auzenne hopes to help a capable and exceptional candidate graduate and step onto an academic path that they have dreamt about. It is his way of giving back to society and making the educational path slightly easier for one candidate who can bring about a difference in the world.

How to apply for the Fred Auzenne Grant?

All grants have their own requirements to apply. The same applies to the Fred Auzenne Grant. As mentioned, this grant has been created to help one deserving student achieve their academic dream and get the necessary financial aid for education. As applicants with good academic backgrounds, you need to write and submit an essay within 800 words within the mentioned deadline.

The essay’s subject is – Describing any crucial setback in your life. It would help if you highlighted how the setback had changed you personally and the lessons you have taken from it.

Are you wondering why Fred Auzenne has chosen this subject? Everyone’s experience of a setback is different. Only the chosen few can look at a setback differently and use it to churn out motivation and positivity. But when you are approaching this topic for your essay to apply for the essay, you need to approach it in a motivating and thought-provoking way.

Writing an essay that will impress the grant-awarding committee takes effort and intelligence. Are you thinking about how to go about it? If yes, here are a few guidelines that you can use to write the essay.

Get genuine and authentic

While writing their essay, most candidates refer to other essays and consider that to be the standard structure for the same. While it’s always beneficial to read sample essays for grant applications, it’s equally essential to count on being genuine and authentic. Being original is the key ingredient to a successful essay.

Hence, it would help if you delved deep into the setbacks you’ve faced. At this moment, you might have several points in your mind. Don’t try to select right away. You may have had many setbacks in your life, and you need to select the one who can tell a story or a life-changing experience. It’s your time to do a thorough mind-mapping. That means you should list down all the setbacks you have faced and how they changed you. And it might seem that most setbacks have left an indelible mark on you, but still, you need to select the most poignant one.

Making this selection is challenging. Hence, it would help if you looked at a setback incident or story that you can judge in the third person and one that would move you. That can be the best incident to mention within the mentioned word count. And while you do so, you should be as original and genuine as possible. Put forward your insight and learn from the incident in a way that has given you the wisdom to shape your life and the world uniquely. Ensure that you make your essay sound relevant and distinctive at the same time. Hence, you should first do the mind mapping and create an essay structure before you start writing. This will pave the way for a convincing essay worth the read.

Take helpful opinions and views

Even though the essay asks you to talk about your setbacks, it’s always a wise decision to take others’ opinions. An opinion will give a better perspective of what you have written. But it would help if you chose well here. Taking a fellow candidate’s opinion might or might not help. However, when you are planning to take the view of a teacher or professor you know, you can look forward to a different perspective that might help you to add a new dimension to your essay. Also, a teacher or professor can help you unlock a way to link the learnings that you have got from your setback story with your academic goals. It will help the grant decision-making committee realize that you have a progressive mindset as a student. And that, in turn, will give you have a better chance of winning the grant.

Don’t exceed the word count

There’s a reason for which the essay has a word count. The idea is to test a candidate’s ability to write about a personal account without going overboard and sharing their learnings to make them come across as a person who looks at the world differently. When you talk about setbacks, there are chances of exceeding the word count because one tends to be personal. However, the trick is to be concise and relevant simultaneously.

To arrive at the final draft, you might have to have a few drafts. Go ahead and do that and ensure that it doesn’t exceed 800 words when you submit the essay. Simultaneously, you need to ensure that you make your essay sound meaningful, inspiring, authentic, and goal-driven within those 800 words. Make sure to provide helpful information with every sentence and rule out any sentence that might seem like an extra addition without a meaning.

An error-free document

It is one of the most crucial aspects of your essay submission. No one wants to read an essay that has plenty of grammatical errors. So, it would help if you took the time to proofread your essay a few times until it’s error-free. You can ask someone to read it once so that you know the errors and correct them. Alternatively, you can proofread it yourself and check it in grammar correcting software to erase careless mistakes. The final essay should have zero errors and read well.

Start preparing beforehand

If you think that you can prepare for a thought-provoking essay within a few days, you are wrong! It would help if you started your preparations beforehand. Writing an essay that will sound relevant from the first sentence takes time. For instance, if you plan to start with a quote or directly with learning that you’ve realized from your setback, you need to make it sound apt. It will take ample time to decide on the way you wish to start your essay. Hence, it would help if you took adequate time to think about the essay topic and arrive at the best way to approach it. Make sure that you don’t rush when you are writing the essay. That way, you can never write an essay that can create an impact.

There is a reason for which you are applying for the grant other than getting the financial aid. You need to focus on that reason and highlight it in your essay when you are talking about the setback. Creating this link will take time. Therefore, give yourself sufficient time to brainstorm on the essay topic and decide on the best way to write it.

Don’t miss the submission date

It’s one of the crucial things that you need to remember. You shouldn’t submit the essay a day later than the mentioned date. Doing that might blacklist your entry. Also, the committee might decide not to read your essay, even if it is the best essay. Hence, always make a note of the deadline and stick to that. Making an early submission is always better so that you stay relaxed. When you submit later than the mentioned deadline, it also highlights negligence from your end, which isn’t favorable. Make sure that your essay is unique, informative, and of high quality.

Refrain from being verbose

At times, in an attempt to impress the grant-awarding committee, students sound verbose in their essays. If you do that, you minimize your scope of getting a grant. No one wants to read an essay that they can’t understand. No one wants to come across outdated words that they have to research. Hence, to make your essay sound relevant and impressive, you need to use correct and reader-friendly English. Your essay should read lucid and valuable. It would help to assimilate your wisdom and learnings from the setback into simple philosophies that are relatable to all.

So, the essay for the Fred Auzenne Grant needs to get submitted by March 1, 2022. You should submit the application to info@fredauzennegrant.com in addition to the following details:

  • First and last name.
  • Phone number and other contact details.
  • Email and mail address.
  • The graduation date.
  • The current GPA.
  • The university and college which you attend.

If you have any doubts about the submission process, you can check out the Fred Auzenne website and get the necessary guidelines.

Who can apply for the Fred Auzenne Grant?

Are you wondering whether you are eligible to apply for the Fred AuzenneGrant? If yes, then you need to learn about the criteria. It would help if you were a candidate associated with an accredited college or school in the United States. Also, the grant is designed to help students who have an excellent academic record. The grant gives preference to candidates who can think innovatively and have good leadership skills.

Hence, it would help if you thought about whether you have used your leadership skills in academic life, school, or college. For instance, have you been the school leader for any group involved in a social welfare project? If yes, then you stand a chance to win the scholarship. Also, if you are someone who thinks about new ways and ideas education can be used to benefit society at large, you can apply for the grant.

The objective of the Fred Auzenne Grant is to open the higher and advanced academic pathways for intellectual and intelligent students who can leverage financial aid to pursue an educational course that will make them use education to make value addition to society.

The benefit of applying for the Fred Auzenne Grant

Every grant has an objective, which in turn acts as the benefit for the candidate who receives it. When it comes to the Fred Auzenne Grant is meant for a candidate who has an excellent academic record and has an innovative mind. Some of the advantages of the grant include the following:

An obvious financial aid

There are times when intellectual and bright students lack the fund to pursue a particular academic course. It is here that a grant acts helpful. The Fred Auzenne grant can help a candidate with financial challenges pursue education. It can take care of the tuition fees and the classes. It helps to reduce the financial burden of the candidate and makes it easy for them to go ahead with an academic path.

A point of recognition

A grant that is provided by a reputed organization or entity brings with it respect and prestige. Winning such a grant is indeed a prestigious and prized opportunity for the candidate. It highlights the candidate’s academic insight and abilities that impressed the grant-awarding committee to consider them as the winner. It is an excellent addition to the candidate’s portfolio that will help them in their academic and professional journey later in life.

Brings in inspiration

Today, most entrepreneurs are introducing academic grants so that they can help students who need them the most. It is their way of contributing back to the society that they belong to. Hence, when a candidate wins a grant, it inspires them to leverage it by giving their best to their academic path. And in the future, when they become a big name, they too can come up with a similar initiative to pay back in their way and motivate others to do better in life.

The various reasons to apply for the Fred Auzenne Grant

It is one of the most pertinent questions that candidates have. It’s because several students have applied for a grant. And out of thousands, only one student has the luck to win it. But the preparation for the application goes a long way in bringing out the best in the candidate. Also, the financial aid that comes with the grant can help greatly.

If you are a student who dreams of higher education, it is your chance to prepare for this scholarship. The Fred Auzenne Grant awards the winner with an amount of $1,000 to pursue their academic course. The award amount can take care of your studies and the tuition cost. If you think your family needs financial aid to support your dreams for your education, preparing for this grant is a good idea. Indeed, you can’t get sure about winning the grant. But just in case you do, there’s no looking back. It can open up important doors for you that will help you land up in the college or job of your dreams. You might be interacting with professors and industry leaders who inspired you, and be one of them as you go ahead.

The desire to win a grant enables a person to rise above being mediocre and strive toward excellence. It will help you to shape your life better. Just in case you can’t make it for the grant, you can apply for others.


Finally, the winner’s announcement for the grant will be made on the Fred Auzenne website on March 15, 2022. Also, the team will send personal notification to the winner and would also want a confirmation of the receipt of the grant.

Last but not least, it is necessary for candidates to have a plan in place whether they win or not win the grant. For instance, if you win the grant, you need to send a note of thanks and express your gratitude to the authorities. After that, you will need a plan to use the grant for your college admission. Also, in case you don’t win the grant, you need to decide whether you will apply for next year or choose another grant.

It is essential to realize that a grant is here to add ease to your academic journey. Hence, if you have a mission to use your education to change society, you should take a chance by applying for the Fred Auzenne Grant.