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Fred Auzenne: Do you believe that there is such a thing as business karma? Why do you think so? What are some of the experiences that made you believe in business karma?

I think there’s a good way of looking at business.

 I meet a lot of entrepreneurs and very often you realize that people are doing what they’re doing to the level they’re doing it because somebody helped them along the way says Fred Auzenne. And you can see, if somebody doesn’t help somebody else, then that person is going to be held back in their progress because they need that kind of support or that software product or whatever it might be. That was one of my reasons for writing Traction. It’s really to try and give something back; to help other entrepreneurs out with some tricks and tips on how to grow their companies.

Some of the most profound business lessons I have learned came from insights based on my personal life experiences. Mind you, sharing life tips with you is not my primary objective here but these are some of the best business tricks that I know off!

I believe in the power of karma simply because it plays a huge role explains Fred Auzenne. Not just in your life but it also plays a major role in the bigger picture. In business, I’ve seen quite a handful of people who have struggled to make their businesses thrive and appear to be so close to giving up on their dreams. But they keep holding on to a string of hope and somehow, someway…they find a way!

I think one of the best examples of business karma is my past mentor, Terran. This guy has an artistic demeanor in his character and I believe that he carries this trait to every single activity that he does in life! He’s not just a business person but when it comes to creativity, this guy knows how to leverage his skills so well! He’d rather sell his art for lower prices and have fewer customers but make sure that each and every one of them is happy with the purchase.

In terms of business karma, I’ve seen him go from struggling to keep his business afloat during the recession to now being one of the most sought-after commercial photographers in Singapore! He’s booked up for months in advance and his works are displayed in the international exhibition circuit! And it all started with a vision of making art mainstream and giving everyone a chance to own art pieces. I still remember the first time I saw his work; it was love at first sight!

I could say that Terran’s success can be attributed to his passion, character, and leadership skills. I can’t say that business karma had played a major role in his life but I strongly believe that good karma has opened up so many doors of opportunities for him. His positive energy just keeps attracting more and more people who are willing to help him build his brand! And this is what I see with most influential entrepreneurs; their passion, character, and leadership skills attract others who will want to help them grow their businesses.

As for me, I have been very fortunate that my passion aligns with the business that I’ve built today. In terms of character development, it has been a long and bumpy ride but I’m glad that it has helped mold me into the person who no longer lives in the drama of life! I am less judgmental, more understanding of other people’s struggles, and have significantly increased my patience level which is perhaps one of the most important characteristics that entrepreneurs need to have. This has also given me a unique perspective of business karma through the lens of character development says Fred Auzenne.

Today, I’m definitely more conscious about what I say and how I build my relationships with people. I’ve also learned to be more intuitive about people around me because this is what separates the good ones from the bad ones. This has helped me discern who are the influencers that have no interest in helping me grow my business or just plain energy sucks!

I could definitely go on and on but at the end of the day, it’s all about your passion, character, leadership skills, intuition, perseverance…karma!


People say that success is a journey and not a destination. I wholeheartedly agree because what counts the most is how you reach your final goal rather than just being there says Fred Auzenne. Business karma always plays a part in any entrepreneur’s life but it doesn’t have to play a crucial role if you know the right tricks of the trade! There are times when you need to give back or just simply remember where you came from. This will help keep things in perspective and never lose sight of who you truly are throughout this process!