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Fred Auzenne on How Does Six Sigma Education Helps Organizations Grow and Make Profit

Most organizations, these days, worry about only two things – productivity and quality. As both these factors influence the business’ overall performance and cost, it’s an excellent discussion to take advantage of six sigma education that can help organizations gain competitive advantages in almost every industry says Fred Auzenne. Here we have mentioned how organizations can benefit from sigma training irrespective of their industry or size.

Cost reduction

Overall operational cost and risks are significant factors that contribute to the profit or loss of an organization. By eliminating some risks, the operating cost can be significantly reduced. Employees with six sigma certifications can provide firms with a road map that minimizes the exposure to risks and help organizations efficiently deliver their service or product. It also includes inspection costs, costs of reworks, and customer satisfaction. This will help you in adding a huge sum into ROI and giving you resources for adding more effective training plans to your business.


With six sigma, both big and small firms can improve the efficiency of the entire process, including the delivery of the process output and on-time product delivery. Organizations can also take advantage of six sigma to reduce the number of machine set-ups, create a timeline for the manufacturing process, enhance the productivity of the overall production process, and automate the process, either partially or entirely, where manual intervention is higher than required. With six sigma education, it becomes easy to study defects in the process using the facts, figures, information, and data. With skilled employees and a proven system, you will be able to get higher productivity with greater efficiency.

Cash flow

Organizations can target Days Sales Outstanding, DSO for short, and improve the cash flow. An improvement in DSO also results in an increase in the cash flow. Besides, companies do not need to convert credit sales into cash when the DSO is higher. With six sigma, companies can effectively reduce variations in the Account payable process, invoicing process, inventory management process, and more. When the critical defects are measurable, it becomes easy to narrow down the problems. And address them to improve the cash flow.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance when an organization wants to make a profit. With six sigma, firms can figure out potential issues and concerns and address them to provide incredible customer service. It also helps them anticipate the needs of customers and streamline the entire process. Customer satisfaction and interaction make and break the company’s image. Owners can address the issues shared by disappointed customers and identify the variations that different customers experience. As per Fred Auzenne, customer satisfaction holds the key to success for every business, so you must consider the training program.

The bottom line

When employees consider getting a sigma certificate. Not only do they help their organization to grow and streamline the overall process. But they also improve their capabilities and advance in their career. If you are considering six sigma education now. Consider enrolling in sigma training and attain different levels of six sigma certification.